Tegula Concrete Roof Tiles

Proudly Filipino-made, Tegula Filipina Concrete Roof Tiles give your home the crown that it deserves. It provides the beauty of the Tegula tile design combined with the strength of unbreakable concrete. Our roofing tiles come in a variety of colors and tones to suit the design requirements of your home.

Tegula Filipina Concrete Roofing Tiles are thick and have more corrugations compared to other brands, making it more durable and less prone to breakage. Our tiles are guaranteed to withstand cracking to provide utmost protection for your home against the elements. With Tegula tiles, you can be sure that your home is beautiful and well-protected.

Product Features
  • STRENGTH / SHAPE ADVANTAGE  Its egg-shaped corrugation makes TEGULA the toughest concrete roof tile in the market today, attaining the highest flexular load rating (breaking point of an average of 300Kg) in its class. The TEGULA has been tested to withstand earthquakes, volcanic ashfall, and even bullets.
  • BACK-FLOW GUARD  Underneath each TEGULA tile are two unique water stoppers, spaced within an inch of each other, to prevent back-flow of wind-driven water during stormy rainfall.
  • WATER-TIGHT LAPPING  Long overlapping for headlap, and T & G flush-type overlapping for the side lap, supplement the backflow guard to prevent leaks.
  • INTERLOCKING SYSTEM. Makes installation easy and protects the rook against strong typhoon winds and have a professional installation finish rendered by specialized worker of Dumaguete’ SM & MST Construction Company in Tegula Concrete Roof fittings.
  • RUST FREE. Won’t rust, never need replacing a roof for a lifetime
  • NOISE FREE. Absorbs noise, particularly that of heavy rainfall. 
  • FIRE PROOF. Being concrete, TEGULA Roof tiles have high fire resistance.
  • COOL. Cuts down air conditioning cost due to its enormous insulating capacity.
  • CLASSY and ELEGANT. Gives prestige to the owner and increase the resale value of the house.
  • ECONOMICALLY DESIRABLE. Due to usage of indigenous raw materials, helping conserve the country’s valuable foreign exchange.
Colors & Finishes
  • CEMENT GREY:  natural cement finish that can be painted manually with any color of rubberized/elastomeric paint.
  • TERRACOTA RED:  integrated color in the cement mixture using red iron oxide pigment
  • SLURRY COATED:  machine painted Monotone, Two-Tone, Three-Tone colors of various shades topped with a clear acrylic finish.
Tegula Roof Tile & Accessories
  • Regular TEGULA Tile
  • Left Lateral
  • Left Long Rake Lateral
  • Left Lateral w/ Down Ending
  • Ridge Roll w/ Down Ending
  • Ridge Roll
  • Center Ridge
  • Wye Cap
  • TV Antenna / Vent Stack
  • Right Lateral
  • Right Long Rake Lateral
  • Right Lateral w/ Down Ending
  • End Cap
  • Valley Gutter Tile
  • Down Ending Tile
  • Inside Gutter Tile
  Redwood       Rustic Red       Deep Grey    Saddle Brown  Brick Orange   Mist Green

 Mystic Red       Teakwood       Oakwood        Sunburst        Charcoal        Burnt Orange
 Woodland      Golden Brick    Pazo Brown       Sunset        Sunny Brown   Forest Green

Crema de Roja

Mexican Black  Spanish Brown

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